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Let us help you build your                      dreams.

What sets us apart

With a deep understanding of complex building systems and energy efficient building practices, we can assist in bringing your project to a higher level of                                           comfort, efficiency and resilience. 

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Personalized design 

Working closely with our clients in understanding their vision is a cornerstone to our approach. We ask the right questions so you get exactly what you want in the end product.  

Custom Concrete

From foundations to finish concrete work, we are bringing the latest technologies and methodologies that will make your project really stand out.  

Natural Materials

Whenever possible we push for the sustainable choice. The backbone of our building philosophy is rooted in the use of building methods and materials that create not only beautiful, but extremely healthy and conscious spaces.



Early on in my building career I spent a lot of time dismantling houses while working on remodel projects. Through this, I learned over and over that there were many inherent flaws in the building system and it was causing a great deal of waste and sickly buildings.

In 2011, I set out with a vision to create a building company that was truly concerned with creating timeless, well-crafted spaces that would exemplify the highest standards of not only craftsmanship, but efficiency and sustainability. 

It has been my aim to be constantly educating myself and my team on the latest innovations and building standards along with the most tried and true building practices, so that every time we step on to a jobsite our clients know they are getting the best possible product with the least amount of impact on our planet.  


We listen, so you get exactly what you want.



We are really excited!! Currently we are working on a little side project we hope will help to remediate all of the excess plywood and drywall that comes off of building sites. This process would divert it from the landfill and turn it into useable bio-mass. Stay tuned for more details.  



For any inquiries, questions or to share your proect, please call: (707)-616-8448 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

340 10th st. 

Unit A

Arcata, CA 95521

Tel: (707)-616-8448

Get a quote: 707-616-8448
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